Marine GPS Antenna / GA-700

GA-700 Marine GPS Antenna

Brief description

GA-700 is a high-quality GPS Antenna with the high-sensitive chip, durable and stable structure design providing stable and high-quality transmitting. 


  • Support 1.57542GHz
  • Durable and Stable structure design, Waterproof: IP67
  • The length of cable and the type of connecter can be customized.

Product description

GA-700 is designed for the Marine Vessels mast or tall buildings that require long extra cables without signal constraint to the GPS receivers.
It is not only hidden in a durable and waterproof cover, but also cable is protected by a base which can prevent damage.
The special design for GA-700 is really delicate, compact and reliable. Besides that have concinnity and compacted design for base.
It is the integration of the high performance GPS patch antenna and a low noise amplifier into an extremely fully waterproof enclosure and when connected to a GPS receiver with 2.5~5.5VDC antenna power, it can provide excellent antenna signal amplification and out-band filtering with rejection for that receiver at 3V DC or 5V DC input Voltage.