AIS Weather Broadcast beacon

AT-216 AIS Weather Broadcast beacon

Brief description

AT-216 is a solar powered AIS AtoN device. Install this device, you can monitor the weather informations, position, MMSI
and battery power of the buoy.


  • Transmission range: 8~10 NM
  • Easy to install, Easy to track
  • Customizable report interval
  • Weather broadcast (FI=21,31)
  • Weather-proof and high gain antenna
  • Drop-proof and weather-proof housing
  • Waterproof:IP68
  • Night lighting and SOS button (optional)

Product description

AT-216 is a solar powered AIS AtoN device that is a high-quality and cost-effective marine asset tracker. Install this device, you can monitor, identity and manage the buoy or other marine asset immediately.  AT-216 can provides the position, battery power, MMSI and weather informations.

The owners can manage their buoy or other target and for collision avoidance. Dramatically increase the effectiveness and decrease the cost of management.
AT-216 is easy to install on buoy.  The full battery status can be operated continue over than one year.  This is the suitable device to manage your marine asset.