MB-300 AIS Man Overboard Beacon

Brief description

The MB-300's High-Sensitivity GPS and advanced AIS communication technology are designed to enhance the management and safety of personnel working at sea, offering robust solutions for overboard assistance. Additionally, it can provide tracking and management services for divers.


  • Transmission range: 4 NM
  • Operating time over 72 hours (reporting interval: 1 min)  
  • Easy to install, Easy to track
  • Waterproof: immersion depth>50M, IP68
  • High-quality battery
  • With storage bag
  • Drop-proof and weather-proof housing
  • Compatible with AIS equipments
  • High beam LED sending SOS message for clear

Product description

The SKYNAV MB-300 is a Man Overboard Beacon that uses AIS and GPS technology. It greatly increases the chance of MOB retrieval by alerting nearby vessels that are equipped with AIS. In emergency situations, the beacon can be activated either automatically by water sensor or manually and send out alert messages, GPS position information and a unique ID. 

AIS MOB-AIS Man Overboard Beacon

MB-300 AIS Man Overboard Beacon