AIS Vessel Tracker

AT-102 AIS Vessel Tracker

Brief description

High-Sensitivity GPS and high efficiency AIS communication technology, which can help you manage your vessels by immediate addressing and SOG. Suitable to install on the offshore vessel, lake boat for collision avoidance.


  • Transmission range: 10~16 NM
  • Operating time: Up to 20 days (reporting interval: 3 min) 
  • Easy to install, Easy to Track
  • Interval Setting: (Every 15,30 Seconds or 1~6 minutes)
  • High-quality and high-reliability battery
  • Weather-proof and high gain antenna
  • Drop-proof and weather-proof housing
  • Waterproof: IPX8

Product description

AT-102 is a facilitate AIS class B device that is a high-quality and cost-effective Vessel tracker. Install this device, vessel company can monitor, identity and manage their vessels immediately. 
AT-102 provides vessel position, battery power, MMSI, SOG, COG, Heading immediately. The owners can manage their vessels and collision avoidance. Dramatically increase the effectiveness and decrease the cost of management.
AT-102 is lightweight and durable. Easy to install, Easy to Track, The full battery status can be  operated continue up to 20 days.
Besides, it can be installed on your boat for collision avoidance. (Other vessels can receive the AIS signal by their AIS Transponder.)

AT-102 AIS Vessel Tracker